The difference between Emulate and Imitate

When used as verbs, emulate means to attempt to equal or be the same as, whereas imitate means to follow as a model or a pattern.

Emulate is also adjective with the meaning: striving to excel.

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  1. Emulate as a verb (now, _, rare):

    To attempt to equal or be the same as.

  2. Emulate as a verb:

    To copy or imitate, especially a person.

  3. Emulate as a verb (obsolete):

    To feel a rivalry with; to be jealous of, to envy.

  4. Emulate as a verb (computing):

    of a program or device: to imitate another program or device

  1. Emulate as an adjective (obsolete):

    Striving to excel; ambitious; emulous.

  1. Imitate as a verb:

    To follow as a model or a pattern; to make a copy, counterpart or semblance of.

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