The difference between Copy and Emulate

When used as verbs, copy means to produce an object identical to a given object, whereas emulate means to attempt to equal or be the same as.

Copy is also noun with the meaning: the result of copying.

Emulate is also adjective with the meaning: striving to excel.

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  1. Copy as a noun:

    The result of copying; an identical duplicate of an original.


    "Please bring me the copies of those reports."

  2. Copy as a noun:

    An imitation, sometimes of inferior quality.


    "That handbag is a copy. You can tell because the buckle is different."

  3. Copy as a noun (journalism):

    The text that is to be typeset.

  4. Copy as a noun (journalism):

  5. Copy as a noun (marketing, advertising):

    The output of copywriters, who are employed to write material which encourages consumers to buy goods or services.

  6. Copy as a noun (uncountable):

    The text of newspaper articles.


    "Submit all copy to the appropriate editor."

  7. Copy as a noun:

    A school work pad.


    "Tim got in trouble for forgetting his maths copy."

  8. Copy as a noun:

    A printed edition of a book or magazine.


    "Have you seen the latest copy of "Newsweek" yet?"

    "The library has several copies of the Bible."

  9. Copy as a noun:

    Writing paper of a particular size, called also bastard.

  10. Copy as a noun (obsolete):

    That which is to be imitated, transcribed, or reproduced; a pattern, model, or example.


    "His virtues are an excellent copy for imitation."

  11. Copy as a noun (obsolete):

    An abundance or plenty of anything.

  12. Copy as a noun (obsolete):

    copyhold; tenure; lease


    "rfquotek Shakespeare"

  13. Copy as a noun:

    (genetics) The result of gene or chromosomal duplication.

  1. Copy as a verb (transitive):

    To produce an object identical to a given object.


    "Please copy these reports for me."

  2. Copy as a verb (transitive, computing):

    To place a copy of an object in memory for later use.


    "First copy the files, and then paste them in another directory."

  3. Copy as a verb (transitive):

    To imitate.


    "Don't copy my dance moves."

    "Mom, he's copying me!"

  4. Copy as a verb (radio):

    To receive a transmission successfully.


    "Do you copy?"

  1. Emulate as a verb (now, _, rare):

    To attempt to equal or be the same as.

  2. Emulate as a verb:

    To copy or imitate, especially a person.

  3. Emulate as a verb (obsolete):

    To feel a rivalry with; to be jealous of, to envy.

  4. Emulate as a verb (computing):

    of a program or device: to imitate another program or device

  1. Emulate as an adjective (obsolete):

    Striving to excel; ambitious; emulous.

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