The difference between Conglutinate and Conglutination

Conglutinate is also verb with the meaning: to stick or glue together.

Conglutinate is also adjective with the meaning: glued together.

Conglutination is also noun with the meaning: an adhesion, or gluing together.

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  1. Conglutinate as a verb:

    To stick or glue together.

  2. Conglutinate as a verb:

    To join together; to unite.

  1. Conglutinate as an adjective:

    Glued together; united, as by some adhesive substance.

  1. Conglutination as a noun:

    An adhesion, or gluing together.

  2. Conglutination as a noun:

    The agglutination of an antigen, antibody and complement by the addition of a serum agent.