The difference between Acme and Vertex

When used as nouns, acme means the top or highest point, whereas vertex means the highest point of something.

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  1. Acme as a noun:

    The top or highest point; pinnacle; culmination.

  2. Acme as a noun (medicine):

    The crisis or height of a disease.

  3. Acme as a noun:

    Mature age; full bloom of life.


    "rfquotek Ben Jonson"

  1. Vertex as a noun:

    The highest point of something.

  2. Vertex as a noun (anatomy):

    The highest surface on the skull.

  3. Vertex as a noun (geometry):

    The common point of the two rays of the angle, or its equivalent structure in polyhedra (meeting of edges) and higher order polytopes.

  4. Vertex as a noun (mathematics):

    A point on the curve with a local minimum or maximum of curvature.

  5. Vertex as a noun (graph theory):

    One of the elements of a graph joined or not by edges to other vertices.

  6. Vertex as a noun (computer graphics):

    A point in 3D space, usually given in terms of its Cartesian coordinates.

  7. Vertex as a noun (optics):

    The point where the surface of a lens crosses the optical axis.

  8. Vertex as a noun (nuclear, or, particle physics):

    An interaction point.

  9. Vertex as a noun (astrology):

    The point where the prime vertical meets the ecliptic in the western hemisphere of a natal chart.

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