The difference between Aboriginal and Primordial

When used as nouns, aboriginal means an animal or plant native to a region, whereas primordial means a first principle or element.

When used as adjectives, aboriginal means first according to historical or scientific records, whereas primordial means first, earliest or original.

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  1. Aboriginal as an adjective:

    First according to historical or scientific records; original; indigenous; primitive.

  2. Aboriginal as an adjective:

    Living in a land before colonization by the Europeans.

  3. Aboriginal as an adjective:

  1. Aboriginal as a noun:

    An animal or plant native to a region.

  2. Aboriginal as a noun:

  1. Primordial as an adjective:

    first, earliest or original

  2. Primordial as an adjective (biology):

    characteristic of the earliest stage of the development of an organism, or relating to a primordium


    "a primordial leaf; a primordial cell"

  3. Primordial as an adjective:


  1. Primordial as a noun:

    A first principle or element.