The difference between Resume and Suspend

When used as verbs, resume means to take back possession of (something), whereas suspend means to halt something temporarily.

Resume is also noun with the meaning: a summary or synopsis.

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  1. Resume as a verb (now, _, rare):

    To take back possession of (something).

  2. Resume as a verb (now, _, rare):

    To summarise.

  3. Resume as a verb:

    To start (something) again that has been stopped or paused from the point at which it was stopped or paused; continue, carry on.


    "ant suspend"

    "We will resume this discussion tomorrow at nine."

  1. Resume as a noun:

    A summary or synopsis.


    "synonyms: précis"

  2. Resume as a noun (chiefly, North America, Australia):

    A summary or account of education and employment experiences and qualifications, a curriculum vitae (often for presentation to a potential future employer when applying for a job).


    "synonyms: curriculum vitae CV"

  1. Suspend as a verb:

    To halt something temporarily.


    "The meeting was suspended for lunch."

  2. Suspend as a verb:

    To hold in an undetermined or undecided state.


    "to suspend one's judgement or one's disbelief"

    "rfquotek John Locke"

  3. Suspend as a verb:

    To discontinue or interrupt a function, task, position, or event.


    "to suspend a thread of execution in a computer program"

  4. Suspend as a verb:

    To hang freely; underhang.


    "to suspend a ball by a thread"

  5. Suspend as a verb:

    To bring a solid substance, usually in powder form, into suspension in a liquid.

  6. Suspend as a verb (obsolete):

    To make to depend.

  7. Suspend as a verb:

    To debar, or cause to withdraw temporarily, from any privilege, from the execution of an office, from the enjoyment of income, etc.


    "to suspend a student from college; to suspend a member of a club"

  8. Suspend as a verb (chemistry):

    To support in a liquid, as an insoluble powder, by stirring, to facilitate chemical action.

  9. Suspend as a verb (travel, aviation):

    To remove the value of an unused coupon from an air ticket, typically so as to allow continuation of the next sectors' travel.

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