The difference between Gradient and Slope

When used as nouns, gradient means a slope or incline, whereas slope means an area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward.

When used as adjectives, gradient means moving by steps, whereas slope means sloping.

Slope is also adverb with the meaning: slopingly.

Slope is also verb with the meaning: to tend steadily upward or downward.

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  1. Gradient as a noun:

    A slope or incline.

  2. Gradient as a noun:

    A rate of inclination or declination of a slope.

  3. Gradient as a noun (calculus):

    Of a function y = f(x) or the graph of such a function, the rate of change of y with respect to x that is, the amount by which y changes for a certain (often unit) change in x equivalently, the inclination to the X axis of the tangent to the curve of the graph.

  4. Gradient as a noun (science):

    The rate at which a physical quantity increases or decreases relative to change in a given variable, especially distance.

  5. Gradient as a noun (analysis):

    A differential operator that maps each point of a scalar field to a vector pointed in the direction of the greatest rate of change of the scalar. Notation for a scalar field φ: ∇φ

  6. Gradient as a noun:

    A gradual change in color. A color gradient; gradation.

  1. Gradient as an adjective:

    Moving by steps; walking.


    "gradient automata"

    "rfquotek Wilkins"

  2. Gradient as an adjective:

    Rising or descending by regular degrees of inclination.


    "the gradient line of a railroad"

  3. Gradient as an adjective:

    Adapted for walking, as the feet of certain birds.

  1. Slope as a noun:

    An area of ground that tends evenly upward or downward.


    "I had to climb a small slope to get to the site."

  2. Slope as a noun:

    The degree to which a surface tends upward or downward.


    "The road has a very sharp downward slope at that point."

  3. Slope as a noun (mathematics):

    The ratio of the vertical and horizontal distances between two points on a line; zero if the line is horizontal, undefined if it is vertical.


    "The slope of this line is 0.5"

  4. Slope as a noun (mathematics):

    The slope of the line tangent to a curve at a given point.


    "The slope of a parabola increases linearly with ''x''."

  5. Slope as a noun:

    The angle a roof surface makes with the horizontal, expressed as a ratio of the units of vertical rise to the units of horizontal length (sometimes referred to as run).


    "The slope of an asphalt shingle roof system should be 4:12 or greater."

  6. Slope as a noun (vulgar, highly offensive, ethnic slur):

    A person of Chinese or other East Asian descent.

  1. Slope as a verb (intransitive):

    To tend steadily upward or downward.


    "The road slopes sharply down at that point."

  2. Slope as a verb (transitive):

    To form with a slope; to give an oblique or slanting direction to; to incline or slant.


    "to slope the ground in a garden; to slope a piece of cloth in cutting a garment"

  3. Slope as a verb (colloquial, usually, followed by a preposition):

    To try to move surreptitiously.


    "I sloped in through the back door, hoping my boss wouldn't see me."

  4. Slope as a verb (military):

    To hold a rifle at a slope with forearm perpendicular to the body in front holding the butt, the rifle resting on the shoulder.


    "The order was given to "slope arms"."

  1. Slope as an adjective (obsolete):


  1. Slope as an adverb (obsolete):



    "rfquotek Milton"