The difference between Gendered and Genderless

When used as adjectives, gendered means having grammatical gender, whereas genderless means without a gender, in its various senses.

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  1. Gendered as a verb:

  2. Gendered as a verb (archaic):

  1. Gendered as an adjective (linguistics, of a language):

    Having grammatical gender.


    "Grammatically, Hebrew is a gendered language because every noun is either masculine or feminine."

  2. Gendered as an adjective:

    Pertaining to gender or having attributes due to gender.


    "His clothes were highly gendered."

  3. Gendered as an adjective:

    Divided by gender.


    "In the past, parenting was a more gendered activity with more distinct male and female roles."

  1. Genderless as an adjective:

    Without a gender, in its various senses.


    "A genderless noun includes both the masculine and feminine forms."