The difference between Establishment and Foundation

When used as nouns, establishment means the act of establishing, whereas foundation means the act of founding, fixing, establishing, or beginning to erect.

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  1. Establishment as a noun:

    The act of establishing; a ratifying or ordaining; settlement; confirmation.


    "Since their establishment of the company in 1984, they have grown into a global business."

  2. Establishment as a noun:

    The state of being established, founded, etc.; fixed state.


    "The firm celebrated twenty years since their establishment by updating their look."

  3. Establishment as a noun:

    That which is established; as a form of government, a permanent organization, business or force, or the place where one is permanently fixed for residence.


    "Pedro's is a fine establishment serving a variety of delicious food."

    "Exposing the shabby parts of the establishment."

  4. Establishment as a noun (slang):

    The establishment: the ruling class or authority group in a society; especially, an entrenched authority dedicated to preserving the status quo. Sometimes capitalized: the Establishment.


    "It's often necessary to question the establishment to get things done."

  1. Foundation as a noun:

    The act of founding, fixing, establishing, or beginning to erect.


    "synonyms: establishment"

    "ant abolition dissolution ruination"

    "The foundation of his institute has been wrought with difficulty."

  2. Foundation as a noun:

    That upon which anything is founded; that on which anything stands, and by which it is supported; the lowest and supporting layer of a superstructure; underbuilding.


    "synonyms: groundwork basis"

  3. Foundation as a noun (figurative):

    The result of the work to begin something; that which stabilizes and allows an enterprise or system to develop.


    "synonyms: groundwork platform stage"

  4. Foundation as a noun (card games):

    In solitaire or patience games, one of the piles of cards that the player attempts to build, usually holding all cards of a suit in ascending order.

  5. Foundation as a noun (architecture):

    The lowest and supporting part or member of a wall, including the base course and footing courses; in a frame house, the whole substructure of masonry.


    "synonyms: base groundwall"

    "The foundations of this construction have been laid out."

  6. Foundation as a noun:

    A donation or legacy appropriated to support a charitable institution, and constituting a permanent fund; endowment.

  7. Foundation as a noun:

    That which is founded, or established by endowment; an endowed institution or charity.


    "The Wikimedia Foundation, Inc. is the parent organization of the Wiktionary collaborative project."

  8. Foundation as a noun (cosmetics):

    Cosmetic cream roughly skin-colored, designed to make the face appear uniform in color and texture.

  9. Foundation as a noun:

    A basis for social bodies or intellectual disciplines.

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