The difference between English and Spin

When used as nouns, english means spinning or rotary motion given to a ball around the vertical axis, as in billiards or bowling, whereas spin means rapid circular motion.

Spin is also verb with the meaning: to rotate, revolve, gyrate (usually quickly).

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  1. English as a noun (US):

    Spinning or rotary motion given to a ball around the vertical axis, as in billiards or bowling.


    "You can't hit it directly, but maybe if you give it some english."

  2. English as a noun (figurative):

    An unusual or unexpected interpretation of a text or idea, a spin, a nuance.

  1. Spin as a verb (ergative):

    To rotate, revolve, gyrate (usually quickly); to partially or completely rotate to face another direction.


    "I spun myself around a few times."

    "Spin the ball on the floor."

    "She spun around and gave him a big smile."

  2. Spin as a verb (transitive):

    To make yarn by twisting and winding fibers together.


    "They spin the cotton into thread."

  3. Spin as a verb:

    To present, describe, or interpret, or to introduce a bias or slant, so as to give something a favorable or advantageous appearance.

  4. Spin as a verb (cricket, of a bowler):

    To make the ball move sideways when it bounces on the pitch.

  5. Spin as a verb (cricket, of a ball):

    To move sideways when bouncing.

  6. Spin as a verb (cooking):

    To form into thin strips or ribbons, as with sugar

  7. Spin as a verb:

    To form (a web, a cocoon, silk, etc.) from threads produced by the extrusion of a viscid, transparent liquid, which hardens on coming into contact with the air; said of the spider, the silkworm, etc.

  8. Spin as a verb:

    To shape, as malleable sheet metal, into a hollow form, by bending or buckling it by pressing against it with a smooth hand tool or roller while the metal revolves, as in a lathe.

  9. Spin as a verb:

    To move swiftly.


    "to spin along the road in a carriage, on a bicycle, etc."

  10. Spin as a verb:

    To stream or issue in a thread or a small current or jet.


    "Blood spins from a vein."

  11. Spin as a verb (computing, programming, intransitive):

    To wait in a loop until some condition becomes true.

  12. Spin as a verb (transitive, informal):

    To play (vinyl records, etc.) as a disc jockey.

  1. Spin as a noun:

    Rapid circular motion.


    "The car went into a spin''."

    "The skaters demonstrated their spins''."

    "He put some spin on the cue ball."

  2. Spin as a noun (physics):

    A quantum angular momentum associated with subatomic particles, which also creates a magnetic moment.

  3. Spin as a noun (countable, uncountable):

    A favourable comment or interpretation intended to bias opinion on an otherwise unpleasant situation.


    "Try to put a positive spin on the disappointing sales figures."

    "The politician was mocked in the press for his reliance on spin rather than facts."

    "synonyms: propaganda"

  4. Spin as a noun (sports):

    Rotation of the ball as it flies through the air; sideways movement of the ball as it bounces.

  5. Spin as a noun:

    A condition of flight where a stalled aircraft is simultaneously pitching, yawing and rolling in a spinning motion.

  6. Spin as a noun:

    A brief trip by vehicle, especially one made for pleasure.


    "I'm off out for a spin in my new sports car."

  7. Spin as a noun:

    A bundle of spun material; a mass of strands and filaments.

  8. Spin as a noun:

    A single play of a record by a radio station.

  9. Spin as a noun (dated):

    Unmarried woman, spinster.

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