The difference between Dated and Up-to-date

When used as adjectives, dated means marked with a date, whereas up-to-date means current.

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  1. Dated as an adjective:

    Marked with a date.


    "The first dated entry in the diary was from October 1922."

  2. Dated as an adjective:



    "Omnibus" is a dated term for a bus."

  3. Dated as an adjective:

    Anachronistic; being obviously inappropriate for its present context.


    "Calling a happy person gay seems awfully dated nowadays; people will assume you mean something else."

  4. Dated as an adjective:

    No longer fashionable.


    "Slang can become dated very quickly."

  1. Dated as a verb:

  1. Up-to-date as an adjective (before the noun, idiom):

    Current; recent; the latest.


    "Use an up-to-date text for your source."

  2. Up-to-date as an adjective (before the noun, idiomatic):

    Informed about the latest news or developments; abreast.


    "I like to stay up-to-date about current affairs."