The difference between Categorical and Hypothetical

When used as nouns, categorical means a categorical proposition, whereas hypothetical means a hypothetical situation or proposition.

When used as adjectives, categorical means absolute, whereas hypothetical means based upon a hypothesis.

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  1. Categorical as an adjective:

    absolute; having no exception

  2. Categorical as an adjective:

    of, pertaining to, or using a category or categories

  1. Categorical as a noun (logic):

    A categorical proposition.

  1. Hypothetical as an adjective:

    Based upon a hypothesis; conjectural

  2. Hypothetical as an adjective (philosophy):

    conditional; contingent upon some hypothesis/antecedent

  1. Hypothetical as a noun:

    A hypothetical situation or proposition


    "These hypotheticals serve no purpose until we have more information."