The difference between Boring and Engaging

When used as adjectives, boring means causing boredom, whereas engaging means that engages the attention.

Boring is also noun with the meaning: a pit or hole which has been bored.

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  1. Boring as a noun:

    A pit or hole which has been bored.

  2. Boring as a noun:

    Fragments thrown up when something is bored or drilled.

  3. Boring as a noun:

    Any organism that bores into a hard surface

  1. Boring as a verb:

  1. Boring as an adjective:

    Causing boredom; unable to engage or hold the interest.


    "What a boring film that was! I almost fell asleep."

  1. Engaging as an adjective:

    That engages the attention; engrossing, interesting; enthralling.


    "I found the first of the Harry Potter books a very engaging read."

  2. Engaging as an adjective:

    Charming; attractive, especially of a manner or behaviour.


    "Beauty, of course, and a bright, engaging personality — or at least the ability to fake one — are prerequisites for entering the Miss World competition."

  1. Engaging as a verb: