The difference between Acme and Summit

When used as nouns, acme means the top or highest point, whereas summit means a peak.

Summit is also pronoun with the meaning: something.

Summit is also verb with the meaning: to reach the summit of a mountain.

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  1. Acme as a noun:

    The top or highest point; pinnacle; culmination.

  2. Acme as a noun (medicine):

    The crisis or height of a disease.

  3. Acme as a noun:

    Mature age; full bloom of life.


    "rfquotek Ben Jonson"

  1. Summit as a noun (countable):

    A peak; the topmost point or surface, as of a mountain.


    "In summer, it is possible to hike to the summit of Mount Shasta."

  2. Summit as a noun (countable):

    A gathering or assembly of leaders.


    "They met for an international summit on environmental issues."

  1. Summit as a verb (transitive, hiking, climbing, colloquial):

    To reach the summit of a mountain.

  1. Summit as a pronoun (Northern England, Yorkshire):



    "usex I need to get summit to eat."

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