The difference between Acknowledge and Admit

When used as verbs, acknowledge means to admit the knowledge of, whereas admit means to allow to enter.

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  1. Acknowledge as a verb (transitive):

    To admit the knowledge of; to recognize as a fact or truth; to declare one's belief in


    "to acknowledge the being of a god"

  2. Acknowledge as a verb:

    To own or recognize in a particular quality, character or relationship; to admit the claims or authority of; to give recognition to.

  3. Acknowledge as a verb:

    To be grateful of (e.g. a benefit or an favour)


    "to acknowledge a favor"

  4. Acknowledge as a verb:

    To notify receipt, as of a letter.


    "I acknowledge the receipt of your letter."

  5. Acknowledge as a verb:

    To own as genuine or valid; to assent to (a legal instrument) to give it validity; to avow or admit in legal form.

  1. Admit as a verb (transitive):

    To allow to enter; to grant entrance, whether into a place, into the mind, or into consideration; to receive; to take.


    "A ticket admits one into a playhouse."

    "They were admitted into his house."

    "to admit a serious thought into the mind"

    "to admit evidence in the trial of a cause"

  2. Admit as a verb (transitive):

    To allow (one) to enter on an office or to enjoy a privilege; to recognize as qualified for a franchise.


    "to admit an attorney to practice law"

    "the prisoner was admitted to bail"

  3. Admit as a verb (transitive):

    To concede as true; to acknowledge or assent to, as an allegation which it is impossible to deny


    "the argument or fact is admitted"

    "he admitted his guilt"

    "she admitted taking drugs'' / ''she admitted to taking drugs"

    "synonyms: own up confess"

  4. Admit as a verb (transitive):

    To be capable of; to permit. In this sense, "of" may be used after the verb, or may be omitted.


    "the words do not admit such a construction."

  5. Admit as a verb (intransitive):

    To give warrant or allowance, to grant opportunity or permission (+ ).


    "circumstances do not admit of this"

    "the text does not admit of this interpretation"

  6. Admit as a verb (transitive):

    To allow to enter a hospital or similar facility for treatment.

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