The difference between Abovementioned and Following

When used as adjectives, abovementioned means mentioned above, whereas following means coming next, either in sequence or in time.

Following is also noun with the meaning: a group of followers, attendants or admirers.

Following is also preposition with the meaning: after, subsequent to.

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  1. Abovementioned as an adjective (literary):

    mentioned above

  1. Following as an adjective:

    Coming next, either in sequence or in time.


    "See the following section."

  2. Following as an adjective:

    About to be specified.


    "The following words have no definition..."

  3. Following as an adjective (of a wind):

    Blowing in the direction of travel.


    "The following wind sped us on our way."

  1. Following as a preposition:

    After, subsequent to.


    " Following the meeting, we all had a chat."

  1. Following as a noun:

    A group of followers, attendants or admirers; an entourage.


    "He had a loyal following."

  2. Following as a noun:

    Vocation; business; profession.

  3. Following as a noun (with definite article, treated as singular or plural):

    A thing or things to be mentioned immediately after.


    "The following is a recommendation letter from the president."

    "The following are the three most important questions."

  1. Following as a verb: