The difference between Abnormal and Strange

When used as nouns, abnormal means a person or object that is not normal, whereas strange means vagina.

When used as adjectives, abnormal means not conforming to rule or system, whereas strange means not normal.

Strange is also verb with the meaning: to alienate.

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  1. Abnormal as an adjective:

    Not conforming to rule or system; deviating from the usual or normal type.

  2. Abnormal as an adjective:

    Of or pertaining to that which is irregular, in particular, behaviour that deviates from norms of social propriety or accepted standards of mental health.

  1. Abnormal as a noun:

    A person or object that is not normal.

  1. Strange as an adjective:

    Not normal; odd, unusual, surprising, out of the ordinary.


    "He thought it strange that his girlfriend wore shorts in the winter."

  2. Strange as an adjective:

    Unfamiliar, not yet part of one's experience.


    "I moved to a strange town when I was ten."

  3. Strange as an adjective (physics):

    Having the quantum mechanical property of strangeness.

  4. Strange as an adjective (obsolete):

    Belonging to another country; foreign.

  5. Strange as an adjective (obsolete):

    Reserved; distant in deportment.

  6. Strange as an adjective (obsolete):

    Backward; slow.

  7. Strange as an adjective (obsolete):

    Not familiar; unaccustomed; inexperienced.

  1. Strange as a verb (obsolete, transitive):

    To alienate; to estrange.

  2. Strange as a verb (obsolete, intransitive):

    To be estranged or alienated.

  3. Strange as a verb (obsolete, intransitive):

    To wonder; to be astonished (at something).

  1. Strange as a noun (slang, uncountable):