The difference between Ability and Talent

When used as nouns, ability means suitableness, whereas talent means a marked natural ability or skill.

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  1. Ability as a noun (obsolete):


  2. Ability as a noun (uncountable):

    The quality or state of being able; capacity to do or of doing something; having the necessary power.


    "This phone has the ability to have its software upgraded wirelessly."

    "This wood has the ability to fight off insects, fungus, and mold for a considerable time."

  3. Ability as a noun:

    The legal wherewithal to act.

  4. Ability as a noun (now, limited to, _, Scottish, _, dialects):

    Physical power.

  5. Ability as a noun (archaic):

    Financial ability.

  6. Ability as a noun (uncountable):

    A unique power of the mind; a faculty.

  7. Ability as a noun (countable):

    A skill or competence in doing; mental power; talent; aptitude.


    "They are persons of ability, who will go far in life."

    "She has an uncanny ability to defuse conflict."

  1. Talent as a noun:

    A marked natural ability or skill.


    "He has a real talent for drawing."

  2. Talent as a noun (historical):

    A unit of weight and money used in ancient times in Greece, the Roman Empire, and the Middle East.

  3. Talent as a noun (obsolete):

    A desire or inclination for something.

  4. Talent as a noun (business, media, sports):

    People of talent, viewed collectively; a talented person.


    "The director searched their talent pool to fill the new opening."

  5. Talent as a noun (slang):

    The men or (especially) women of a place or area, judged by their attractiveness.


    "Not much talent in this bar tonight—let's hit the clubs."